Project Financing

Loan Origination


ur niche is construction and development. We may originate for business expansion as well, if it involves the expansion or development of new, real assets. We prefer real estate development, but will consider other assets on a case-by-case basis.

We look for an increase in value upon project completion. In real estate the difference between cost and stabilized, completed value can be substantial. It is not uncommon to see a 30% or greater increase in value upon the completion of a commercial development.

We may provide 100% financing. 100% financing requires credit enhancement and requires that you have a minimum of 5% cash liquidity vis-à-vis your financing request.

If you are illiquid but have balance sheet equity or other tangible assets such as Presales, we may be able to assist you in becoming sufficiently liquid to qualify for 100% financing. We maintain a Platform, that introduces you to Investors looking for short term investments. You repay their investment out of loan closing proceeds.

We originate for both domestic U.S. and international projects, but primarily international. Our target market is between $5-50,000,000. Our maximum may be increased for qualified transactions.



irst of all, submit an Executive Summary. We will review it and either request supporting documents or decline your request. We aim for an initial response time of no more than three days. Submit your project to

If we have interest in your project, we will provide you with a list of documents we need to review in order to make a final decision.

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